Book and Wooden Box set

In a nutshell


The Book & Wooden USB Box is the perfect form of digital-meets-traditional and will bring a true lifestyle feel to any collection package.


This clever combo contains a quality, photographically printed book with up to 30 spreads and a personalised 8GB USB stick, beautifully presented within a complimentary wooden box.


Add UV printed text personalisation

to the outer USB box

UV Printing is a printing method that uses a photomechanical drying process to adhere the inks to a surface. The UV ink used in the printing process is exposed to ultra violet light which transforms it from liquid to a solid, allowing the ease of application to a number of unusual surfaces and substrates. Because of this process and the lack of volatile organic compounds, which cause ‘bleed’ in conventional surface printing, UV printing allows for a more vibrant, detailed print finish and can be applied to an array of creative surfaces.

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Product Single
10 Spread 9×6″ Book, 8GB USB Stick and Box £199.00
20 Spread 9×6″ Book, 8GB USB Stick and Box £250.50
30 Spread 9×6″ Book, 8GB USB Stick and Box £324.00
UV Printing/Etching £30.50